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What is the National Active Retirement Association (NARA)?

NARA is a unique national organization that helps businesses, professionals, academicians, and government entities, among others, prepare for and take advantage of the coming age wave that is sweeping America.

Never before has America faced an age segment as huge, powerful, and lucrative than the 78 million Baby Boomers rapidly moving into their 50s and 60s. The growth of the active adult segment – healthier and wealthier than any before – is truly one of America’s most exciting business and marketing opportunities.

From homebuilders seeking to tailor their properties and developments to older buyers, to marketers looking to appeal to older adults, to towns and cities seeking to attract retirees as part of an economic development strategy, NARA assists with education and networking. City planners, architects, developers, city administrators, marketing and advertising experts, senior housing professionals and university officials from around the country have addressed the organization.

Television and radio stations and publications, including USA Today, have quoted our organization as a source of expert information on the active adult segment.

Originally founded as the Carolinas Active Retirement Association (CARA) in 2000, this organization has hosted six conferences, with speakers and professionals attending from across the country.

Looking to learn more about active adult marketing, building, demographics, retirees as economic development, community design/planning and other important topics? Get involved with NARA, the premier organization for active adult networking and education.